LOOKING FOR SOME suggestions for what to get Mom this Mother’s Day? (It’s Sunday, May 11!) Here are a few ideas:

Anything the children make themselves. Except a mess.

An end to whatever battles siblings have been waging recently. Or even a truce.

Getting to sleep in. At least until 7.00am.

A nice family meal. That someone else prepares. And cleans up after. (Which certainly explains why taking Mom out to dinner is such a popular choice for many dads and children.)

Something Dad and the children really picked out together. Anything.

Someone doing a few loads of laundry. Keeping white and coloured clothes separate.

Her teen and adult children attending Mass with her. Oh, this warms a mama’s heart!

A phone call from a child who lives far away.

Any gift that isn’t expensive but has some thought behind it.

A smile, a hug, a kiss, a "thank you!" No, that’s not four items. It’s one, big, beautiful gift!

M is for the mornings she told me to get up and get ready for school because, despite my complaints, she just "knew" I wasn’t really sick. And I wasn’t.


O is for other children; she didn’t care what they had or did. "I" wasn’t going to get it or be allowed to do it. (As she often pointed out, "If all your friends jumped off a bridge ...")


T is for the times she kissed my "owies" and bandaged my scrapes, calmed my fears, gave me encouragement, built up my confidence and made snickerdoodles for the school bake sale.


H is for the hat she made me wear when the weather was bad even though it made me look so uncool.


E is for everything else she did for me. A long, long list known only to God.


R is for the reward she so richly deserves. One that’s so big it can’t possibly fit on this side of heaven.

Put them all together and they spell "love".

Lord, bless all mothers. Thank you for teaching us about divine love through a mother’s gentle kiss, about heavenly grace through a mother’s sure hands, about divine mercy through a mother’s forgiving tears. Bless all the women of faith, of hope and of love who have been a part of our lives. Amen. - By Bill and Monica Dodds


Bill and Monica Dodds are the editors of "My Daily Visitor" magazine. Monica’s latest book is "Praying in the Presence of Our Lord With St. Therese of Lisieux" (Our Sunday Visitor). Her website for Catholic caregivers is www.YourAgingParent.com.

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