SINGAPORE – A group of young adults from the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary organised a 40-hour Eucharistic adoration, held in the parish prayer room from Jun 4-6, in celebration of the feast of Corpus Christi. The aim of this event was to foster a spirit of communal prayer amongst the parishioners.

The adoration was divided into two-hour shifts, taken up by various ministries in the church. In the first hour, prayers like the Rosary, the Divine Mercy, Taize and Intercessory were conducted and this was followed by an hour of silent adoration.

Under the umbrella of the church’s youth council and spiritual guidance from parish priest Father Henry Siew, the 40-hour adoration brought about a renewed devotion to the Eucharist for approximately some hundreds of parishioners who responded enthusiastically to the adoration from the early morning hours to the closure of day.

Prior to this adoration, a series of sessions conducted by Father Kenson Koh, Father Henry Siew and seminarian Brother Cornelius Chng, were organised to raise awareness for the importance of the Eucharist in our daily living as well as to prepare parishioners spiritually for the adoration. Young adults from other parishes including those of Generation CHRIST! from Church of St. Ignatius who hold regular adoration sessions, shared about the impact of the Eucharist in their lives.

It wasn’t only the parishioners who felt that this ‘prayer project’ was an excellent means of developing community prayer, silent adoration and a greater appreciation for the Eucharist. The religious echoed the desire for this to continue.

Brother Joseph, a seminarian currently attached to the parish said, “The 40-hour Eucharistic adoration in preparation for the great feast of the Body and Blood of Christ was a very good initiative from the young people. The involvement of the various ministries of the church also showed and helped to strengthen the bond of the parish community. Ultimately, it expressed our great appreciation of Christ’s love for us by leaving himself to us hidden under the form of bread and wine.”

Canossian Sister Jessica Teo who has been journeying with the youth of the parish for the last two years expressed that “seeing so many people, young and old, coming together as one to adore Christ in the monstrance was indeed heartening”.

Father Henry Siew felt that the 40-hour adoration was “a welcoming initiative by the Youth Council and a great effort to organise and rally support from all ministries” and that it was “an excellent programme to help parishoners to appreciate the Eucharist”, adding that he was proud of the youth who concluded that the success of the 40-hour adoration exemplified the power of the Eucharist in drawing people from all ages and walks of life together as one.

By Benjamin Tan and Clare Yip

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