Archbishop Nicholas Chia addressing the Catholic Business Network members in a surprise appearance at the group’s fellowship night.
Photo by Albert Lim

SINGAPORE – Some 30-odd business people and employers gathered for their regular Catholic Business Network (CBN) fellowship night on Apr 23, where they share with and learn from one another how to integrate their faith with their business practices. Little did they expect to meet the archbishop there!

Archbishop Nicholas Chia surprised the business people at the gathering held at the premises of Caritas Singapore Community Council.

Addressing those present, Archbishop Chia urged them to “try to see God in others, such as the migrant workers”. He added that their wages are rightfully theirs, and that employers do not ‘own’ these wages, but need to share them fairly with those who earned it.

Archbishop Chia also said that it helps to be a disciple of the Lord by sharing gospel values with one’s workers. “In giving to others, one will receive,” he said.

CBN member Jasmine Tham agreed with the archbishop. “We are not giving because what we have doesn’t totally belong to us. We are sharing [with the other] whatever the other party is supposed to get,” she said.

Another member, Bridget Williams, said the archbishop speaks the truth and “stirs us up to be more compassionate to others as we represent the Church”.

The fellowship night included talks by CBN Spiritual Director Monsignor Eugene Vaz, Managing Director of Jean Yip Group Mr Mervin Wee, and Director/Co-founder and Chairman of Atlas Sound & Vision Pte Ltd Ms Jeannie Tien, who is also Director and Chairman of the Assisi Hospice Fundraising Committee.

By Darren Boon
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