Children being forced to go to Non-Catholic Schools.

A new campaign to obtain educational rights Is hinted at by the Archbishop of Cardiff in his Advent letter.

" Our poor people," writes Archbishop Mcstyn, "have drained their pockets in order to erect school buildings for their children, but lately it has happened that where Catholic parents asked for permission to build a school, and where there were a sufficient number of Catholic children to fill such a school, permission has been re'used and the children have been forced to attend a non-Catholic school, "In some instaaces-ftermigs-ion has been granted to build a school for juniors, that is, children up to 11 years of age, or for seniors, that is, for children over the age of 11 years. Permission to build an all-age school is refused and we are told that those children who cannot attend our Catholic school on account of age, must attend the nearest local authority school.

'This is a matter that we cannot pass over in silence, and unless the Board of Education is prepared to treat us justly the Catholics of the whole country will have to consult together as to the best means to adopt to insist upon our rights being recognised. "This is a matter for Catholic Action, buc before resorting to moral force let us have recourse together that God may move the hearts of those in authority to treat us justly with regard to our schools."

- Malaya Catholic Leader, January 5th, 1935 (1935.pdf pp2)

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