Mr Ee Tiang Hwee fields questions from St. Teresa parshioners.
Photo by Daniel Tay

SINGAPORE – In a bid to learn more about Buddhism, about 30 parishioners from the Church of St. Teresa spent the morning of Saturday Mar 13 at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum (BTRTM).

The visit was mooted by parish priest Father Michael Arro, who is “very keen to have a network with other religious bodies” within the Radin Mas Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle (IRCC), said Joseph Silverayan, the parish’s representative for the IRCC.

Mr Ee Tiang Hwee, the temple’s Deputy Executive Director, led the two-hour guided into rarely seen places within the seven-storey place of worship in Chinatown, patiently and knowledgeably responding to questions, such as if Buddhists had holy-days (Vesak Day and Chinese New Year), raised by parishioners and St. Teresa’s assistant priest Father Damien De Wind.

Raymond Ho, 50, said that understanding another religion is part of understanding another person, is the motivation to being part of the organising committee for the visit.

The visit has taught Veronica Tan, 45, another member of organising committee the “commonality” between Buddhism and Christianity in that both Buddha and Jesus taught their followers to be compassionate to others.

Meanwhile, the parish is looking at visits to other places of worship near St. Teresa’s.
By Daniel Tay
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