Dearly and devoutly as the Malay Mail may wish that the Pope and the Vatican might have "come -out boldly against the Nazis" in the purely political struggle for the possession of the Saar, the last thing that any true Catholic could wish would be that the Church should be identified with any political party, and particularly with any reactionary agitation which happens to suit certain interests at the moment. For the Catholic Church is above all parties and regards all governments as means to an end, and that end the general well-being of the people. Salus populi is the acid test of good government.

All depends on whether rulership is used for the general good or not. Neither democracy nor autocracy are essentially good or essentially bad forms of government. Both can be good and both can be bad. And it will be found on taking thought that only two kinds of governments are possible— democracy and autocracy.

By the common consent of mankind every government, of whatever kind, that strives to attain the good of the governed is recognised as a government and is considered to be good, more or less, be it democratic or autocratic in form. The Pope and the Vatican would therefore be taking up a quite exceptional attitude did they meet the passing wish of the Malay Mail of January 17 and "come out boldly against the Nazis," seeing that this government is recognised by the whole civilized world an common with the Soviet of Russia and the Republic of Mexico, against neither of which can we remember hearing the Voice of the Malay Mail raised in any such form of protest and black prophecy -as it now puts forth against the Pope -and the Vatican for directing the Catholic Saarlanders to Vote in this purely political squabble "as their consciences dictated."

- Malaya Catholic Leader, Saturday, January 26th, 1935 (1935.pdf pp36)

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