SINGAPORE – Two teachers, preferably Catholics, are needed to teach Science and Maths at the Canossa Secondary School in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.

The request comes from Sister Calista Ponnudorai, Arusha, Tanzania. In a letter to CatholicNews, Sister Calista said that her Provincial in Tanzania told her to try to get any two teachers (two females or two males or a married couple) who could teach Science and Maths in secondary schools. They are needed to work in the Canossa Secondary School in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.

The terms of work are as follows: They should preferrably be Catholics; retired teachers are also acceptable if they have good health and suitable qualifications for teaching in the secondary school.

Accommodation will be provided. The two teachers will share one house.

Each teacher will be given a monthly allowance of US$120 (S$160) each. This would be enough to cover their cost of food, etc as the cost of living is very low there, Sister Calista said.

Those who are interested, may contact ACMA at 6474 9184 or email acma_sg@pacific.

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