Teresa was jelous for the first time in her life, Until she was seven years old she had been the only child, and now she had a little baby brother. Everyone was very excited and happy about the new baby. People said "What a pretty Baby," and "Isn't he like his Father?" But Teresa only thought how pink and ugly he was. And how everyone seemed to forget her and think only of him.

"Horrid pink thing," muttered Teresa with a sniff. "Can't think what they see in him, anyway. And Mother doesn't want any more, either. And Father's hardly looked at me since that—that lump came." A big tear ran down Teresa's cheek, quivered a moment on the tin of her chin and then toppled off.

At that moment Father came into the room, and looked at his small daughter in amazement. "Teresa, my dear," said Father, as he knelt on the floor and put his arm round her. "What's the matter? Has anyone been hurting you?"

Now Teresa had not meant to tell anyone how she felt. She had said to herself: "I won't say a word. I won't let them know how they're hurting me." But somehow, with Father there beside her, his arm round her waist, and that kind expression in his eyes—well, Teresa just couldn't help it. She hid her face on her Father's shoulders, and the tears positively tumbled over themselves as they came pouring out. "It's—it's Baby," she whispered. "Till he came, Mother and you loved me so much, and you called me your 'little chum,' and now you don't want me any more."

Father's arm closed tighter round her. "I was afraid of this," he said, quietly. "Now try and stop crying, and listen to me, dear." He stopped for a moment until Teresa's sobs grew less, and then having wiped her eyes with his big hankie, he went on. "Mother and I love you every bit as much as ever we did," said Father, "and if you had a dozen brothers and sisters we should still love you just the same.

"Don't you see, dear," Daddy went on, "that you each have your own place in our hearts, and nobody can take away your own place from you. It is not a matter of loving one more than the other. You each have your own niche, and nobody else would do in that niche. "Think of Almighty God, as the great Father of the world. Think of the millions and millions of people. He has created. But every one of them has his own particular niche. Nobody else can give God just exactly the love and worship that you can. And so it is with all of us. And so, in a much, much lesser way it is with earthly parents.

- Malaya Catholic Leader, Saturday, January 5th, 1935 (1935.pdf pp5)

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