1. Don’t use make-up as a reminder that we are made in the image and likeness of God.

2. Don’t use the Lord’s name in vain, including texting “OMG” as a reminder of the third commandment to give rightful respect and dignity to God.

3. Surrender comfort vices as a lesson that we should draw strength and comfort from God alone instead of from alcohol, food, cigarettes, etc.

4. Drink coffee or tea without sugar as a reminder that life can be bitter without the sweetness of God.
5. Give up a sinful or abusive relationship trusting that God does not intend for others to rob us of our dignity and that He can get us through painful times.

6. Quit social networking as time spent on Facebook, MSN, Twitter, etc. can be used to serve the community, or to nurture our spiritual life through books, music, prayers.

7. For the shopaholics, give up shopping, and channel the money to works of charity.

8. Have anger issues? Praying for others sincerely despite anger, can open us to God’s grace of mercy and forgiveness.

9. Depressed? Count your blessings in order to realise how much God has given you.

10. Listen to hymns instead of our favourite music to help us pay more attention to God’s voice rather than the voices of the world around us.

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