Pro-life advocates march during the annual Chicago March for Life. Rallies against abortion were held across the country in the 37th year since the Supreme Court legalised abortion throughout the nation. CNS photo

WASHINGTON – The annual March for Life in Washington was decidedly upbeat as speaker after speaker urged the crowd to keep up their efforts in the pro-life arena.

Several speakers told the tens of thousands on the National Mall – bundled in winter gear and holding aloft placards with pro-life messages or banners identifying where they were from – that they were now in the majority and would continue to make inroads in society and in government policies.

Nellie Gray, president of the March for Life Education & Defense Fund – the group that organises the march – told participants that their presence at the 37th annual march represented a “whole new surge” for the pro-life movement to not only continue to educate government officials about the immorality of abortion but to also show a united front.

Those involved in the fight against abortion, she said, are not just working to change laws but are also giving support for pregnant women and women who have had abortions. - CNS

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