London. A GROWING entente between Catholics and Jews was noted by Canon Vance, speaking at the annual meeting of the Catholic Guild of Israel, here.

Both Catholics and Jews suffered persecution during much the same period of time, he said, adding: " The Jews have suffered severely in Russia; so have Catholics. Jews have suffered in Germany: Catholics have suffered scarcely less."

Canon Vance said that common suffering should be a link to draw them more closely together. Bishop Myers, Westminster Auxiliary, said: 'There is something in the special fervour of the observant Jew and his fidelity to his ancient religion which might well serve as a standard for Catholics. " The great trouble today is that so many Catholics have fallen away from the fervent practice of their Faith, and regard our very light code of discipline as something difficult.

" The observant Jew has a far harder and more rigid discipline, yet he adheres to it. The generosity and brotherliness of the Jews of this country towards their fellow Jews expelled from other countries in recent years, hold a lesson for us. They have received and cared for their suffering brethern from Germany, which is a great contrast t o what has been done by Catholics for their brethren in the faith. "

The Rev. Arthur Day, S.J., described the Catholic Church and the Jewish religion as two great centers of spiritual light and warmth. Three Jewish converts were baptized during the year in the chapel of the Convent of Our Lady of Sion, London, the Guild's report stated. The Guild has its center at the convent. (N.C.W.C.)

- Malaya Catholic Leader, Saturday, 11th January, 1936 (1936.pdf pp18)

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