More German Prelates Arrested. MGR. Bannasch, a canon of the Diocese of Berlin, has been arrested, and the charge brought against him is understood to be one of "high treason for collecting material of the numerous incidents between Catholic dignitaries and Nazi authorities and handing to the Nuncio the documents referring to the Concordat."

The prelate who is at the head of the central Catholic Bureau and whose duty it is to collect information for the German Bishops was arrested by members of the Secret police, while his offices were ransacked, and all documents, papers and letters seized. This is a direct infraction of the concordat with the Holy See, which now exists as a one-sided affair, only binding the hands of Catholics who have to respect their treaty obligations. The German Government thus proceeds in its total disregard of the concordat, and its policy of bringing discredit on the Church through such arrests and trials as those we have heard of in recent times.

That the prime object of the Nazi Government is to vilify the Church and its institutions in the eyes of the German public, but more especially in those of the rising generation seems to be quite apparent. Once they succeed by such means in making it appear t o the masses that the Church is a n institution that retards the growth of the German nation, their purpose of alienating its followers would have been achieved.

Soviet methods in Nazi Germany. THE National Socialist authorities seem to be exceedingly nervous over the packed congregations at Sunday Masses, and the increased numbers taking part in pilgrimages; hence their endeavours to create doubts as to the loyalty of the German Catholics». Their attempt to frustrate Mgr. Bannasch in his work of collecting information for the German Bishops, and the order of the Propaganda Minister Goebbels that the German Catholic publications may not participate in the International Catholic Press Exhibition to be held at the 'Vatican City' this year, seems to indicate a desire on the part of the authorities to conceal the exact state of affairs and the real conditions in the German Catholic Press. The starvation and strangling of the Catholic Press, the repeated blows aimed at the Young Men's Associations which form a strong unit of Catholic Action, in forbidding them to engage in sports together or to wear their badges in public, the anti-religious propaganda in Hitler youth, school, Jlabour service, storm troop and compulsory camp life with "instructions in the spirit of national Socialism," and the exclusion of youths trained in Catholic schools from obtaining University degrees and from a s piring to public positions, completes the parity with Russia.

There is no God but Germany. Germany is God and Hitler is his Prophet.

LIKE Mohammed. Hitler declares a new religion. This Deity has approved of the new revelation by a visible blessing on all that Hitler has undertaken.' Hitler by the magnetism that he possesses has swayed the masses to the belief that 'all German history before Hitler has been a blind errand and a sad dream; that light has come through him/ The Catholic party, all too late, have found out their mistake in under-estimating the political capacities of this man. They thought of taming him as they had tamed Bismark. They were taken away with the idea that such a patch-work of philosophy made up of a 'conglomeration of bits of Nietzsche, Wagner, eighteenth- century enlightenment, " petit Bourgeois " philosophy and cheap common-sense maxims' could not appeal to any intellectual. But they did not take into account the force behind the new creed. Above all Hitler knew how to wait. He could abandon an ideas of his as Utopian when it suited him, and return to it again when the time was ripe for it. He has persuaded the German youth of the precedence that physical culture should have over intellectual and now he is instilling his new philosophy into the ignorant German youth who are beginning to to believe in it with the fanaticism of the half-educated.

The laughter with which the Germans at first greeted this crude philosophy has since frozen on the lips of many. With its underlying principle "Right is what suits the German people," this philosophy, has found wide appeal, and the new revelation has become a reality, with Hitler as its prophet The suicide of the 'Catholic Centre Party' was one of the gravest blunders which led to the present situation. The concordat was nothing but a means to kill what little still survived of the Centrum. When that was achieved it was repudiated, and now it exists merely as manacles; binding the hands of the Catholic party, while submitting it to the lash of a ruthless tyranny.

- Malaya Catholic Leader, Saturday, 11th January, 1936 (1936.pdf pp16)

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