A MESSAGE from Berlin States that Rt. Rev. Dr. Legge, Bishop of Meissen, who was recently tried and fined £8,300 on a charge of currency smuggling, has been ordered by the Vatican to proceed to Rome immediately to report to the Holy See on the German situation. The announcement, it is reported, was made following a conference between Cardinal Bertram, Archbishop of Breslau, the Bishop of Berlin and the Papal Nuncio. Bishop Legge is to report on his own trial, on the other currency trials that have been before the Courts, in which numerous priests and nuns have been sentenced to imprisonment, on the arrest last week of Mgr. Bannasch, head of the Catholic Information Service, and on the arrest of Catholic laymen that is constantly going on in all parts of Germany. Three Prelates Arrested. Mgr. Bannasch was arrested by the Secret Police at the Palace of the Bishop of Berlin and is now confined in the Berlin Moabit Prison.
The charge against him is one of high treason in connection with subversive agitation against the security of the State.

The indictment, it is understood, alleges that he had been ordered by a German Cardinal to collect all material on the numerous incidents which have recently arisen between Catholic church dignitaries, Catholics in official Church positions, and the National Socialist authorities.

It is alleged that Mgr. Bannasch handed over to the Papal Nuncio documents which have reference to the Concordat.

Following the arrest of Mgr. Bannasch, the Secret Police raided the residence of the Bishop of Wurzburg and arrested Mgr. Miltenbenger, the Bishop's Vicar General, and Mgr. Hart. It is understood that they are to be similarly charged as Mgr. Bannasch. Raids By Secret Police. Another attack by the Secret Police was in the form of a raid on the National Catholic Correspondence Bureau of the German Hierarchy. All documents have been removed. The raid was not connected with the trial of the B:shop of Meissen, but the sole purpose was to secure the confidential correspondence and information of the bishops.

In the sudden swoops made by the Secret Police on private houses, many Catholic laymen have been arrested and their homes thoroughly searched. The only official explanation ever vouchsafed, is that the arrested men "have taken part in political activity/ A recent Berlin message states that the State Prosecutor has asked for a reconsideration of the sentence passed on Bishop Legge. A term of penal servitude is demanded in addition to the fine imposed. Dr. Legge is reported to bo seriously ill in hospital.

(Catholic Times, London.)

The Most Rev. Peter Legge, Bishop of Meissen, Saxony, who was detained in the Moabit Prison, Berlin, on a charge of complicity in an alleged violation of German currency regulations has been released recently. The arrest of the Bishop, his brother, and his Vicar-General, is regarded as a development ,of the war upon the Church by the Nazi Reich.

- Malaya Catholic Leader, Saturday, 11th January, 1936 (1936.pdf pp11)

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