The Sino-English Catholic High School, Queen's Street, Singapore.


The progress of the Sino-English Catholic High School, at Queen Street, Singapore within a period of less than two years is certainly remarkable and those who have followed its brief history will be indeed pleasantly surprised at its rapid growth into an institution which may soon rival the largest Chinese Schools in Singapore.

When the Superintendent Rev. Fr. E. Becheras, first conceived the project for a major Catholic School of Chinese studies his intention was to make a small beginning and to develop it gradually. He had, however, to provide for such development by the erection of a building that would have at the time of its completion, appeared in the eyes of some to have been too ambitious. The Catholic Public, however, made a generous response and the indication of Fr. Becheras' plans as well as the fruit of the Catholic response to it is seen in the fact that within two years, the School has reached almost the maximum development of which it is at present capable.

With an enrollment of over 450 pupils under a staff of 17 teachers, the Institution has been recognised by the authorities as a High School, and if the rate of progress continues the erection yet another school building will become an urgent necessity. That the imparting of education in its truest sense is the aim of the institution— is clearly apparent from the fact that, the general school programme rovers a considerably wider field than that required for any examination. The pupils are not made to cram for any test. A great deal of credit is certainly due to Mr. Yeo Kok Hua, the Principal and his staff of zealous workers.

The teaching of science has become an important part of present-day education and Rev. Fr. Becheras recognising the need of including this subject in the curriculum has been at much pains to provide the essential equipment required for its study. He has acquired at much cost, and furnished the School with the material needed to begin} these studies, and the science room in the school is perhaps the first of its kind in any Catholic school in Malaya. It is the nucleus of a future larger school laboratory and at present contains all the necessary equipment for the teaching of science in the Junior Middle School. The inadequacy of the present school building may be seen from the provisional arrangements made to house even this equipment.

There can be no doubt however that when it becomes necessary, as it soon will, to make some further extension to the school, the public will be as generous in their support as when they first helped to begin the project.

Some of the pupils of the Catholic High School who took part in the
First Annual Sports.

Rev. Fr. E. Becheras. the Superintendent of the School and Mgr. M. oicomendy
V.G. in the Science Room of the School.

- Malaya Catholic Leader, Saturday, 28th October, 1939 (1935.pdf pp404)

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