SUNDAY is not merely a matter of going toTtfass ourselves the children should accompany us, and be seated with us while there. It is not enough to merely send the children to Mass. Why should Holy Mass seem so important to them, when mother allows a mere headache, or bad weather, or the expecting of company to lunch to keep her at home?

Then again, children must be trained to assist at the Holy Sacrifice as well as they are able. They can hardly train themselves. They must have, and use, suitable prayer- books, preferably the small missal. They must be taught to distinguish the different parts of the Mass.

It is not enough to say that the Sisters or teachers see to all that gtort of thing in school. There is no daily Mass in the schoolroom. The children may learn the various parts of Mass during class hours, but they need to be helped to apply what they learn, to apply it during the actual offering of the Holy Sacrifice.

It is appalling to see children seated in church, looking ground at the people, paying practically no attention to what is going on in the Sanctuary? simply waiting, evidently longing^ for the end. Can we wonder that such children as soon as they are old enough to choose for themselves, abandon Sunday Mass altogether?

Small children cannot be expected to kneel motionless all the time, their eyes fixed on the Altar or closed in fervent prayer, but they can be taught to put into practice the reverence and faith taught them during school hours, they can be taught to take a real interest in the Holy Mysteries.

Fervently and urgently implore God to grant our mind a ray of heavenly illumination which may shine therein so clearly as to show you how continually your defects and daily falls place great obstacles in the way of the goodness of God.

- Malaya Catholic Leader, Saturday, 22nd May, 1937 (1937(2).pdf pp 1)

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