Albany. How a picture from Rome showing the Papal Golden Rose has heen published as a picture from Spain favourable to the Leftist cause, has been exposed by "The Evangelist," a Catholic diocesan weekly in America.

Underneath the caption "Golden Rose Made Red Propaganda," "The Evangelist" reproduces the picture in question in its own columns, and beneath it gives an explanation of the picture's real significance.

The picture shows a Domestic Prelate of the Royal household carrying the Golden Rose which His Holiness Pope Pius XI recently presented to Queen Elena of Italy.

On either side of the Prelate stands a uniformed member of the Papal Guard. This same picture, credited to the International photographic agency, recently appeared in the New York "Daily Mirror." The caption stated that this and two other pictures accompanying it came from Durango, in the Basque Province. The caption of this particular picture was: "A priest of Durango removes sacred objects under guard from his church."
- Malaya Catholic Leader, Saturday, 3rd July, 1937 (pdf pp 62)

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