A Debt of Deep Gratitude to Saint Teresa. The purchase of No. 510 Kampong Bahru Road which in future will be utilised as Saint Teresa's Parochial House was due to the powerful and-marvellous intervention of the Little Flower. She has undoubtedly granted the petition of the Parish laid down before Her during the Novena and Procession celebrations held' on the Solemnity of Her feast day last October. This little account is the expression of gratitude of the Parish.

The House is a big compound house with an area of 32,731 square feet. In the early part of 1930 the late Mr. Chan Teck Hee made a magnanimous offer to buy the house for the church. The owner wanted $32,000. In 1932 it was auctioned for $21,500. Last year it was valued at $18,000. To purchase it at this price was entirely beyond the means of a parish in its inceptive stage which was just clear of all building debts. Marvellously enough and beyond all expectations it was acquired and for only $9,800. The church had consequently to borrow this amount. It is really a credit to the Catholic Community especially the Chinese of Singapore to have a magnificent church built and furnished, free from all debts in six years' time. To start a parish with a debt of $10,000, and a further debt of $3,000 which will be necessitated by the purchase of about 13,000 square feet of land adjoining the road forming the approach to Saint Teresa's Church would be sweet burden if only the Little Flower would rouse as She has done, the generosity of those whom She has already favoured. It is interesting, to note that by now the Church possesses for all purposes some 11 acres of land around. The land on which the church stands has an area of 2% acres. Bukit Teresa on which a Chinese Catholic settlement will be formed and across which a road is now in the course of construction and on which in future years a Carmelite Convent will rise has an area of about 7 acres. This has also been marvellously acquired. The lot of land in front of the Chinese temple which was acquired in May last year is 1% acres.

It is funds that lack and not goodwill. Clients of the Little Flower pray that the various projects may grow up as roses in Her little Garden of Singapore.

- Malaya Catholic Leader, Saturday, 1st February, 1936 (pdf pp50)

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