SINGAPORE: The Church of Ss. Peter and Paul celebrated Chinese New Year with Benediction on New Year Eve, and Pontifical High Mass on New Year Day. His Lordship the Rt. Rev. Mgr. Adrien Devals, Bishop of Malacca, cery kindly officiated at the Mass, which began at 8 a.m. followed by Benediction concluding eventually towards 9.45 a.m. His Lordship was assisted by Rev. Fathers N. Deredec and Verbois.

The Church was lavishly decorated for the occasion. The altar was smothered with flowers. Long before 8 a.m. the Church was packed to full capacity.

Musical Selections were rendered by the Catholic Young Men's Association beginning with an Overture, and at the various parts of the Mass—the Offertory, the Elevation and Communion, ending with a March after Benediction.

Immediately after the Benediction the Parochial House was besieged with well-wishers. His Lordship kindly received them and blessed them—one and all—with the Season's Greetings. He hailed the choir on their approach and congratulated them on their singing and music.

The Parishioners looked in vain for their Pastor, Rev. Fr. Lee, i n order to extend their hearty wishes to him, but he was at St. Teresa's Church for the New Year 'Mass, where there was also a large attendance. After Mass Rev. Fr. Lee received the Congregation and wished them all a ' HAPPY NEW YEAR /

- Malaya Catholic Leader, Saturday, February 16nd, 1935 (pdf pp69)

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