The Malaya Catholic Leader has received from Reuter the two following telegrams :
Berlin, 4, March '35. The sensational attempt of the radical Nazis to wipe out Catholic schools in Munich has been extended to the whole of Bavaria by a decree of the Minister of Culture.—Dr. Schemn.

The decree abolishes 13 of the existing seventeen Catholic academies in which for centuries past all female instructors have been trained for work in 5,420 elementary schools. (Reuter) Saarbrucken.—At the demon- stration held in honour of the return of the Saar at which Hitler was present, Herr Buerckel, the new Administrator, declared that the Nazis had fully conceded rights in their own affairs to the Church but those rights not inter- Church but those rights must not interfere with Naziism. (Reuter) Thus the struggle between Naziism and the Catholic Church, two months only after the Saar plebiscite, has already begun, as these telegrams show.

What means the declaration of the Administrator of the Saar "the Nazis have fully conceded rights in their own affairs to the Church, but those rights must not interfere with Naziism," when compared with what, at the same time, is going on in Bavaria, when centuries old rights of training Catholic teachers, and the right of giving a Catholic education to Catholic youth are wiped out by. a decree of the Minister of Cuture ? Have these rights, centuries old, interfered with Naziism, born but yesterday? But the National Socialists have a principle : Naziism has all rights, is always right. As there exists a Concordat with the Vatican,' signed by the German Government at the Vatican City, we thought all these questions concerning religious freedom and religious education were settled by a common accord, but it means they are not. Or is the document of the Concordat, signed and pledged by the Hitler Government, one more "waste paper" to the discredit of Germany?
- Malaya Catholic Leader, Saturday, March 9th, 1935 (pdf pp 97)

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