Bishop of Ossory's Appeal For Scout Movement.

Speaking after the Confirmation ceremony in St. John's Parish Church, Kilkenny, the Bishop of Ossory, Most Rev. Dr. Collier, made a strong appeal on behalf of the Catholic Boy Scouts. "These are dangerous times," he said, "more dangerous than people realise, and a tremendous appeal is being made to youth all over the world. Youth are being asked to do this and that, many of these things being doubtful, many of them dangerous."
Speaking of the value of Catholic associations, his Lordship referred to the Pope's anxiety regarding the situation in Germany and Italy, where the Governments were capturing the youth for their own purposes. The Pope was no less anxious about the youth of Ireland, where efforts were being made to lure youth into oath-bound organisations. His Lordship said the one great Catholic organisation for youth was the Catholic Boy Scouts, and he was anxious to see it built up on better lines in the Catholic city of Kilkenny than at present.

It was a great Catholic organisation. Its rules were admirable principles of conduct for the training of the Catholic boy, and he had deliberately decided to strengthen and extend it throughout the city and diocese.

It would keep the youth out of dangerous organisations which were not recognised or approved by the Catholic Church, because it was definitely a Catholic, religious organisation.

- Malaya Catholic Leader, Saturday, January 5th, 1935 (pdf pp 9)

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