(By N.C.W.C. News Service)
Amsterdam. — Open warfare against the Catholic Church was announced lately by Robert Wagner, Nazi Governor of the State of Baden, speaking at Loerach. "Political interferences by the Church will no longer be tolerated" he said. "This Church is the only handicap in our way."

Attacks against National Socialism, he added, would be considered hostile acts against the State and dealt with accordingly. In the long run, he said, neither the Catholic Press nor independent Catholic associations could be allowed to exist. Bavarian Premier Siebert spoke similarly in an address at Wiessee, when he insisted the Church must be absolutely separated from the State and that priests must exercise no influence whatever in the political education of the people. "The unity of the nation," he said, "must stand above the denominations and their institutions."

All property of the Catholic Youth Jugendkraft in the State "of Baden has been confiscated despite the protest of the Most Rev. Konrad Groeber, Archbishop of Freiburg. At the same time the Nazi newspaper in Freiburg attacked the National German Catholic Charities, the headquarters of v/hich are there, intimating that Catholic independent charities should no longer be tolerated. Msgr. Karl Heisig, of Lauban, Silesia, has been sentenced to three and a-half-years in the penitentiary and fined $16,000; Sisters Luitgardis Kneppek and Rosalie Bell, of the Order of St. Charles Borromeo, to three years in jail and fines of $20,000, and Sister Rosa Voelk to five months in jail, all of them charged with violating the currency laws.

The Rev. Ludwig Roth, of Hanau, was sentenced to eight months in jail because he said in a sermon that German Catholics should be prepared to suffer the same trial as the Christians in Russia. The Rev. Siegfried Hoppe the Rev. Joseph Kuermann and t h e Rev. Alois Schulz were sentenced to six, four and eight months in jail, respectively, by a court in Braunsberg, East Prussia, charged I with "defamation of policeman." Tension in Germany between the Catholics and the Nazis is growing visibly day by day. It is now ru moured that an announcement will be made soon by the Government concerning the Concordat with the Holy See. (N.C.W.C.)

- Malaya Catholic Leader, Saturday, 28st Septmeber, 1935 (pdf pp 392)

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