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20 Dec 09, the Apostle: The story tells of a man, close to the age of 65, called Ebenezer Scrooge. He is as ‘kiam siap’ as ever, unwilling to share, unwilling to give and therefore unwilling to receive, never without thinking that strings lie behind that gift. On the fateful night of Christmas Eve, a ghost appeared to him, named the Ghost of Christmas Past. The Ghost showed Scrooge how he spent his Christmases over his whole life, from a child being abandoned, to a young adult like us, joyous in the local bar, to the man he became at last, stingy and selfish. It had agonised Scrooge.

The night ended, and the next came. The Ghost of Christmas Present appeared. The Ghost showed him how he is despised even within his own family, which was explained by his rejection in coming to the party at his nephew. The Ghost then showed him the family of his worker, which suffered in poverty and a sick child that is left with no longer than a few years without treatment. The worker, despite how badly paid and treated, stills stands up for him when his wife tries to talk bad about him. Scrooge, seeing this agony, begged the Ghost to let nothing happened to the child, for he is innocent. Obviously, nothing could be done. The next night came. Scrooge feared this Ghost like no other. He knew he deserves death. He begged the Ghost to let him go, for he has learnt his mistakes and will make amendments for it. However, it was no use and a grave showed his death date which was eventfully on that same Christmas. Boom, he fell onto the floor of his apartment. He woke up, he realised that the Ghosts had done it all within one night and it was still Christmas. He changed miraculously, was grateful for the first time after a few decades, from selfish to selfless. He gave the largest turkey to a poor family, hugged his housekeeper, sang carols, and most importantly, went to spent Christmas with his family. That sick child, thanks to Scrooge, received treatment and survived to become a fulfilling adult.

Don’t worry! As long as we have Christ with us, within us, we won’t become Scrooge. Just as the story, the Ghost can be used as a figure for Christ (the Holy Ghost), for He will constantly remind us of the good and pains of the world, and most important of all, why are we here on earth, our Mission. When we lose it, the Ghost will come and pull us back. That Ghost is forever protecting us like no other for we are His children, we are His Body and Blood and we are His.

God has brought us once again to this Advent season and is reminding about the Spirit of Christmas which is the birth of Christ and the salvation of the world. The Ghost appeared to Scrooge as Christ appeared to us, reminding of the joy of the world, of the true meaning of Christmas. It also showed, when we need Christ the most, He will appear to us in a way unfathomable to us.

So what does this means for youths today?

More and more youths today are following the footsteps of Scrooge, they from innocent, joyful children and become selfish, scrupulous adults. From my limited experience, I begun to find out that there is an increasing number of youths who are pessimistic, thinking that many people are out to no good, having an ulterior motives. They constantly think that when a person does a good deed to you, that person must have something to gain. Indeed, if a person is doing it out of good will, he or she will gain something even richer than that of Warren Buffet’s wealth. That is happiness, conscience and love, which are things that even the richest of the rich cannot purchase. This pessimistic wall must be torn down. I believe, if you are not out to harm another, why would others harm you? Do unto others as you wish others do unto you. Each year we celebrate Christmas which serves to remind us of the reason why Christ came to this world.

As Catholic youths, we need to learn how to place Christ into the centre of our heart, as our compass, guiding our lives into the direction of righteousness. There is still time for us, to play a part in being Christ’s hand to lead others into the Light. What does Christmas mean to you?

20 Dec 09, the Apostle

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