SINGAPORE – A Mass was held on Aug 9 for housebound parishioners at Blessed Sacrament Church. About 40 housebound parishioners attended with many other parishioners.

Father Anthony Hutjes told the congregation, "The housebound and sick are not useless. They can all be very useful to the parish. They are a great source of power and prayer for the whole parish. And if they are able to unite their sufferings with Jesus’ sufferings, their ‘illness’ will be much more bearable and purposeful. Of course,
when one is in great pain and suffering it is not easy to offer up our sufferings and pain to Jesus."

During the Mass, the priests lay hands and anointed the housebound parishioners with oil (photo). It was an emotional moment for some of the parishioners.

After Mass, parishioners were invited to a sumptious lunch and a short concert at Damien Hall. Each housebound guest was given a $10 ang pow and a generous goodie bag.

Brother Gerard Pereira emceed the concert and sang Elvis Presley’s "Can’t help falling in love". Father Remi Liando and Father Gerardus Suyono sang "Bengawan Solo". Korean and Japanese dances by parishioners and singing by Catholic High boys and Alpha ladies kept the crowd entertained. - Patricia Ang


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