Primary Five and Six boys who attended the camp, waiting for Mass to begin. Photo by Darren Boon

SINGAPORE – About 25 boys in Primary Five and Six attended a day camp on Nov 27 to prepare them for the challenges they will face as Christian teenagers.

Seminarian Brother Gregory Chan and De La Salle Brother Collin Wee were the speakers at the camp, which was held at the Church of St. Stephen and organised by the East District Parishes Vocation Team.

Brother Gregory talked about self-identity, discovering one’s talent, listening to God and doing God’s will, while Brother Collin touched on topics relating to boy-girl relationships, choice of friends, the fears that the children will face as teenagers, and school-life challenges such as bullying.

There were also games and fellowship time, before the day ended with Archdiocesan Vocation Director Father Alex Chua celebrating Mass.

In his homily, he said one’s ability to listen to God could be clouded by the distractions of the world such as entertainment and occupation with other activities including studies. As such, he exhorted the boys to “make space for God to be in your lives, make time for prayer, listen to God, and to make Samuel’s prayer, ‘Speak Lord, your servant is listening’, your own prayer”.

Father Alex urged the children to always consult an adult if they are unsure about anything in their growing years.

Alexander Teo, 11, from Church of the Holy Family, said he left the camp feeling assured that he could turn to God in prayer and speak to him as one would to a parent whenever he has a problem. One should not turn to drugs as an escape, said Matthew Thien, 12, from Church of St. Stephen.

For his cousin, Reuben Thien, 12, Brother Gregory’s talk helped him to realise that as believers are parts of the Body of Christ, communion will be lost when people fight among one another.

Overall, said Aloysius Ng, 12, the camp helped prepare him for the secondary school environment and how to deal with possible bullying by older teenagers.

By Darren Boon
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