Nov 09, SPI Newsletter: SCC Day took place on 10th of October this year. More than merely a simple gathering of Catholics, SCC Day celebrates conscientious Christian living in family, the workplace, and in the world beyond the parish.

Presided by Archbishop Nicholas Chia, Catholics from 65 communities across the neighborhoods of Singapore gathered in joyful prayer and contemplation to ask God what it means to continue “Working in the Lord’s Vineyard”.
Each community contributed to this year’s SCC Day by preparing a social profile of their own neighborhood. Looking at these profiles helped SCC members to appreciate a basic work of Christian discipleship: discerning how God produces opportunities for us to realize the Gospel at our very doorstep.

Participants concluded the day with Eucharist, and departed in the realization that the life of an SCC is a natural extension of the love and communion experienced at the Lord’s table.

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