SINGAPORE – An Aug 8 article in The Straits Times, "JC students to learn all about love" said that the
Social Development Unit had called for a public tender to "design, conceptualize, produce and launch a youth relationship programme" for junior colleges. Is this necesssary? And how is this need being met at Catholic Junior College (CJC)?

"The college has had strong programmes in place for some years to meet the needs of our older teenagers," said principal Brother Paul Rogers.

CJC has five coordinators for student development programmes, which focus on issues that affect students’physical, social, moral and spiritual needs.

CJC students are encouraged to consider and discuss a wide range of issues that include relationships, anger and stress management, understanding of self, family and peers, sex and sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, identity, abortion and pre-marital sex.

Intimacy and the question "Why no sex?" are also derivatives of the wider aim of helping young people to develop into mature and capable young adults who are developing and strengthening their moral compasses and coming
to possess a clearer perspective on the meaning of relationships.

Doctors, lawyers, corporate groups and religious persons are frequently invited to present relevant topics to students and engage them in discussion.

At CJC, Catholics have extra opportunities to put faith in the context of their own development as they can participate in Mass (three days every week); the annual retreat too is a special time-out for them to reflect on where they are going with their lives.

Many CJC students also engage in local and overseas community involvement programmes.



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