Theresa Lim, 77, completes another painting on rice paper to raise funds for the needy.

SINGAPORE – With swift and deft strokes of the paintbrush, Theresa Lim, 77, completed another painting on rice paper, the 10th for the Saturday afternoon. At the invitation of her daughter Serene, a parishioner of Church of St. Ignatius, Mrs Lim (from Church of the Holy Family) contributed her time and talent in Chinese painting to raise funds for the poor and needy at an Aug 8-9 weekend bazaar held at Church of St. Ignatius.

Mrs Lim said that her time and effort spent is worth it. “It’s very beautiful to be able to give to the mission. I’m just doing my part as a Christian, sharing God’s love with others. The money received from the sale paintings is out of love,” she said.

According to Jesuit Father Philip Heng, parish priest, the bazaar is a private parish project to raise funds for the poor and needy as part of the social mission goal of the parish. The social mission dimension was recently initiated by the parish to allow the entire parish to participate in outreach to the poor and needy.

In an enjoyable and enriching weekend for the parish, hundreds of parishioners contributed their time and efforts to manning the various stalls, offering Bowen’s therapy or directing traffic. Some altar servers and youth took care of children at an inflatable play station.

“Then as a parish we are living the Gospel ideals that Jesus preached so passionately about, such as preferential love for the poor,” Father Heng said.

Parishioners thronged the bazaar for items such as hand-crafted soaps, wine, chocolates, fashion wear, designer handbags, and home electrical appliances amongst others. There were open auctions for items such as a Bottega Veneta handbag, Chateau Latour wines and Ming dynasty export wares.

Grace Tong, one of four planning committee members in charge of the bazaar project, said, “I think we feel happy when we opened at noon and there was a queue and crowd waiting to get in.”

Father Heng informed CatholicNews that the parish will set up a committee to manage the funds raised and to decide which organisations will be beneficiaries of the funds.

By Darren Boon
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