Members of the Saint Ignatius Young Adults Eucharistic Adoration Community pray before the Blessed Sacrament during the monthly adoration.

SINGAPORE – The seed of the Saint Ignatius Young Adults Eucharistic Adoration Community was sown in Grace Low whilst on a pilgrimage to Lourdes in November 2007. There, Ms Low, a senior manager in her early 30s, received a prompting during benediction whilst in adoration to bring young adults to the Eucharistic Adoration and, in the silence, hear the voice of God.

The community was born in June 2008 with the go-ahead from Ms Low’s parish priest, Father Leslie Raj.

She initially felt doubtful and unworthy as starting the silent Eucharistic adoration was “out of character” for her. She had found it difficult “grasping the presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist”. Looking back, her faith in the Eucharist has made a “quantum leap”.

Previously Ms Low had always wished she could believe in the Eucharistic miracle of Lanciano where the host and wine transforms into Flesh and Blood during Mass. She has since stopped wishing for a physical sign. She said she now witnesses a Eucharistic miracle in the transformation of her heart and the hearts of the 30 adults who attend the monthly adoration.

“I feel like doubting Thomas, brought to my knees, greatly humbled to experience Christ in the Eucharist in such a beautiful way,” she said.

To prepare herself to lead the community, Ms Low prayed extensively before the Blessed Sacrament, attended daily Mass, and did online research on the Eucharist such as reading the Thirty young adult Catholics find their relationship with Jesus has grown through monthly adoration

lives of saints deeply touched by the Eucharist.

Her attitude towards Mass has also changed. From standing at the back of the church, Ms Low now prefers to sit near the front to see the transformation of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ during consecration and, secondly, to receive Holy Communion earlier so as to spend more time with Christ in prayer after receiving Him.

Ranmali Embuldeniya, 34, an analyst, who has known Ms Low since 2007 from Bible class is inspired by Ms Low’s faith journey: “I’m amazed at the sense of joy and happiness. She is living what she truly believes. She has joy in organising the adoration and bringing us closer to God.”

Ms Embuldeniya said the silent time with God in the adoration has helped to strengthen her faith and love for God as well as heighten her consciousness of Him.

Irma Kusuma, 28, a software engineer, said that she is more conscious about the importance of silence in prayer after joining the community in January. From a self-described “fast-paced” prayer who rattles on without listening to God in prayer, she is now at times able to remain silent and listen while in prayer.

Jesuit Father James Tan, the community’s spiritual director said the young adults have grown in relationship with God “in time and in their daily living”.

He attributed this to the communication, peace and love the participants experience with the Eucharistic Jesus.

Meanwhile Ms Low surrenders the future of the community into the hands of Jesus. “I’ll do whatever He wants me to do,” she said.

? The community meets every last Friday of the month at 8.00pm. The session begins with rosary followed by an hour of silent adoration.

By Darren Boon

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