Be an example of embracing and living faithfully your own Christian vocation.

When we embrace our vocation with a spirit of joy and service we will help the young people see that joy comes from living out the will of God, not in looking for self-fulfilment.

Publicly support the vocations you have in your community.

Pray and support your priests and seminarians. Ecclesia de Eucharistia states: "Often it is the example of a priest’s fervent pastoral charity which the Lord uses to sow and to bring to fruition in a young man’s heart the seed of a priestly calling."

Offer prayers and sacrifices for vocations.

Pray for the young people, that the Holy Spirit will provide them with wisdom, courage, and the desire to accept God’s plan for their lives, as it is revealed to each of them. Enlist friends that you know to join you to pray for vocations.

Invite students and youths to serve the church.

Service in the sanctuary and in the parish will allow a young man to be formed by the graces flowing
from the celebration of the Eucharist and, at the same time, afford the priest an opportunity to mentor a possible vocation to the priesthood.

Support young people who are good candidates to priestly or religious vocation.

Let them know about spiritual direction, books and resources available. Many consecrated souls
have attributed their vocation to an invitation or a seed planted by someone (who is an instrument of God). As a start, encourage them to attend the vocation retreat.

Support and implement vocation promotion programmes.

You can incorporate vocation prayers in ministry events, conduct "Adoration for Vocations", offer Masses for vocations, celebrate ordination dates and help young people build a good catechetical foundation. You can also help your parish priest set up a Vocation Promotion Team in your parish!

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