SINGAPORE – A youth theatre group performed a Passion Play on Holy Thursday, Apr 9 with just two characters.

Titled “The Fallen Ones”, the half-hour play held after the Lord’s Supper Mass in the attic of Church of Christ the King focused on Peter and Judas Iscariot, two disciples of Christ who betrayed the Lord during His Passion, how they felt, and how they responded.

Peter, who denied he knew Christ three times in one night, came to accept his cowardice and renewed his faith in Jesus. Judas, who turned the Lord in to the Jews for 30 silver pieces, chose despair and hanged himself.

Justin Faith Ng, 19, gave a moving performance as the traitorous disciple, a man motivated by money, and driven to near-madness for having made the wrong choice.

Judas is “the kind of guy who does horrible things to inspire others to do good things”, said Justin of his character.

This was Justin’s first major role in a play. “I was so nervous that I started shaking,” he told CatholicNews.

"The Fallen Ones" was performed by Theatre Of Gifts (TOG) which is currently the longest-serving youth group in the parish of Christ the King. It was started on Nov 2, 1991 by Father Michael Sitaram together with 12 youths.

Father Terence Pereira who took over from Father Michael as assistant priest was spiritual director for the youth group for six years before moving on to the parish of St. Anthony where together with Geraldine and Kevin Paul, founded Walk On Water (WOW) Productions, a young adult group dedicated to building modern Catholic plays rooted in the Bible and traditions of the Church, based in the parish of St. Anthony.

Theatre Of Gifts is their affiliated group for youths between 13 and 19 years old. When the youths reach 21 years of age, Walk On Water Productions invites them to join the young adult group, explained Jared Ng, currently the Theatre Of Gifts president.

Although Theatre Of Gifts has committed to produce at least one play a month for the parish from January to June 2009, it has exceeded its target, quite an achievement for a group that has only four boys and one girl, aged between 16 and 19 years.

“TOG is a very time-demanding group. We’re in church four times a week, busy with rehearsals and meetings. We end rehearsals at 10.00pm, and the next day, we have to go to school or work. Some people may say ‘Why is doing the work of God so difficult?’ It was never easy. It’s about staying together and persevering,” said Jared, who is doing his ‘O’ Levels in St. Gabriel’s Secondary School this year.

Since joining Theatre Of Gifts, Jared’s faith has grown “immensely”. “I used to be a ‘Sunday Catholic’. I didn’t even know what the four Gospels were. Now, I’ve learned so much about prayer, Scripture, retreats. My knowledge of the Bible has increased and so has my prayer life.”

“I’ve learned that theatre is all about life. It’s not just the final piece, but the process. Rehearsals are stepping stones for the play,” he said.

By Daniel Tay

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