SINGAPORE – “May the women who come through your doors find and experience the tender mercy of God,” said Archbishop Nicholas Chia as he blessed a new pregnancy crisis shelter on Mar 13 (photo).

The shelter has been initiated by the Pregnancy Crisis Service of the Family Life Society to help teenagers and adult women who face crisis pregnancies and have difficulty finding accommodation.

Sue Richmond, principal therapist at Family Life Society, said that “in some cases, the women who come to us tell us that because of their pregnancies, they are no longer welcome at home or that their family shuns them”. “What we offer them is a safe and homely place for them to stay while they prepare to deliver their babies,” she added.

Mrs Richmond explained that during their stay, these women would be looked after by a team of “home parents” and counsellors who would provide various forms of care and support including family and school intervention.

“A woman who makes a decision to see her pregnancy to term in a crisis situation is a brave woman,” she said. “We hope to provide her with the support she and her baby would need in this difficult period of her life.”

If you know of persons who need this service, contact Pregnancy Crisis Service at 6339 9770 for enquires, referrals and clarification.



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