Students beautify the Asrama St. Theresia School and Orphanage by painting murals on the classroom walls.SINGAPORE – Twenty-three students and four teachers of Holy Innocents’ High School went on a four-day Community Involvement Programme Trip to Batam late last year.

Besides assisting with improving the physical environment of the Asrama St. Theresia School and Orphanage, the trip also provided the Singaporean students with an opportunity to understand and empathise with the community in Batam, and learn to better appreciate what they have back home in Singapore.

To raise funds for the trip, the students donated items from home and sold them through a flea market held in school. The staff and teachers of Holy Innocents’ also contributed items like stationery, coloured pencils, skipping ropes and soccer balls which the students brought over to Batam.

The experience at Asrama was an eye-opener for the Singaporean students, and the story of The Good Samaritan served as an inspiration for the students and teachers alike.

"Our kids showed us that they have lots to offer, and throughout the four days, it was evident that they really wanted to help the students and orphans in Batam through their words and actions," said teacher Lua Bee Hian.

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