THE DAUGHTERS OF St. Paul have released an album "His Grace is Sufficient" to commemorate the Year of St. Paul.

The album’s 13 songs are based on the Letters of St. Paul and are substantially written and performed by Pauline Sisters serving in Kenya and India. Readers of CatholicNews will recognise a familiar name in the CD credits. Sister Wendy Ooi wrote and performed two of the 13 songs including the title track "His Grace is Sufficient" and the ending track "I Fall on My Knees". The talented Sister also produced seven songs and did the cover and booklet design – "pau ka liau", is how she described her role.

The album consists of a repertoire of slow and upbeat tracks that uplift the listener and inspire hope, faith and love. It begins on a snappy note with "My Goal My Destiny" and instantaneously grabs the listener’s attention. "God Loves a Cheerful Giver" and "Strangers No Longer" are also addictive.

"Thank You Lord" is ideal in a praise and worship session with its meaningful and appropriate lyrics. "Nothing in the World" is a stand-out track with its groovy pop-electronic arrangement which should strike a chord with teenage listeners.

While performance may not be the strongest chord, the album is a production effort that comes from the heart. It hits the right notes with memorable tunes and lyrics that stick in the consciousness after a few listens.

Listeners will find "His Grace is Sufficient" an album that will help create the right ambience when reflecting on the letters of St. Paul, in family prayer time, after a hectic day at work or in the quiet moments of the day.

- By Darren Boon

n "His Grace is Sufficient" is available at $12.50 from Catholic Book & Media (2 Highland Road, #01-02). n

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