I PARTICIPATED IN the Singapore Catholic Census 2007 at the 8.30am Mass in one of the churches in the city district on Aug 26.

The goals of the census - to find out the demographic and social makeup of Catholics in Singapore, to identify what Catholics want from their parish and the archdiocese, to improve parish life by ascertaining the spiritual and pastoral services they want and to obtain accurate information on our Catholic community here - are indeed praiseworthy. But the questionnaire did not thoroughly cover important issues such as family, vocation and evangelization.

For instance, although there was a question on whether other members share the same faith as the head of the family, there was none to find out how many of them, especially teenage or adult children, are still practising their faith.

On vocation and evangelization, I had expected to answer similar questions as these: "Have I ever spoken to my children about vocation or encouraged them to become priests, nuns or brothers?" and "As a baptized Catholic, have I brought any non-Catholic to the Catholic faith through my example and encouragement?" I look forward to reading the report on the census results in CatholicNews.

Nelson Quah

Singapore 650524

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