SINGAPORE - The Performing Arts Centre, Learning Resource Centre and Marian statue at Catholic Junior College were blessed by Archbishop Nicholas Chia on Jul 26.

Among the guests present were Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Lim Boon Heng and Chairman of the Board of Management of the College Bernard Chen.

The Learning Resource Centre houses 27,000 books, a vast digital collection, an IT hub, and learning spaces. A prominently placed crucifix, reminds students that they are "always in the presence of God".

The Performing Arts Centre is a 752-seat theatre that also houses the CJC archives. The Marian statue has been placed next to the canteen. It is a gift from the Lasalle Brothers. Nearby is a sculpture "Woman of 98" by Brother Joseph McNally.

Archbishop Nicholas Chia said he hopes that the students would make good use of the facilities and he "prays that the students will grow, mature and contribute to the church and to society".

A concert was held after the blessing and featured, among others, the choir which won the top prize in a 2007 International Choir Festival in Brattislava.

Principal Brother Paul Rogers noted that "at last we can begin to enjoy the finest our students can produce in a conducive setting which brings out the best in our students".

He added, "I hope that both the Learning Resource Centre and the Performing Arts Centre will be the stimulus for the continued growth of talent - academic and personal, that resides in so many of our young people in CJC. The future looks wonderful indeed."

(From left) Brother Paul Rogers, Bernard Chen, Archbishop Nicholas Chia, Lim Boon Heng and Andrew Krygsman at the blessing.

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