HIS LIFE WAS a witness to God's own love pulsating within the depths of his heart that sent P.J. to the utmost bounds of our island in search of some lonely broken person waiting to be healed and restored to wholeness.

P. J. was one of the pioneers of the Roman Catholic Prison Ministry. We drove many miles to help ex- offenders, P. J. had that simple yet profound touch that made them respond to his radiant smile and decide to change. He would lead them to his community in Nallur Rd, journey with them and bring them back to a normal way of life. P. J. can boast of many successes in this area. With a group of dedicated volunteers we visited the Hawkins camp when many Vietnamese refugees found a true friend in P. J..

He nurtured some good vocations among them. He started a seminary for those who went to Australia, training them in their studies and giving to the church some dedicated priests who today continue the mission of Jesus. P. J. was a family man. He enjoyed a home cooked meal and never forgot the kindnesses of his friends.

Every time he came to Singapore, his good friend, Sister Victorine would have a red rose to welcome him. He would miss it if she forgot! She never did. It was a gesture of gratitude to one who gave so much of himself to others. A well deserved eternal rest is yours.

Sister Gerard Fernandez, rgs

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