IT IS TRULY great to read from the article "The pursuit of happiness: How some of our young Catholics do it" (CN, Jun 10) that the Day of Contemplation conducted by the Christian Meditation Community in Singapore has proceeded so well among the Catholic youths, and that it has led to further developments to establish the practice of Christian Meditation even deeper among the different churches.

I am a beginner in this practice and though it is very challenging, I must confess that it has, is and will continue to do a lot of good for me and hopefully for those around me in my daily life.

I am now in New Zealand (NZ) undergoing my studies, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to have met and conversed with Father Laurence himself - a delightfully humorous and grounded priest and monk - when he was in Auckland conducting a national retreat and interfaith engagement with World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM) there.

I was told by Father Laurence and many in NZ that the WCCM in Singapore is very strong and growing, and I would be in good hands when I return home after graduation. Indeed after reading this article, I most certainly look forward to return home and join the WCCM family there!

To Peter Ng, the WCCM family, and all who are involved in the practice of Christian Meditation, please remember me in your prayers as I continue to struggle and strive in my journey of study and prayer in New Zealand. I look forward for the day to join you back home!

Chor-Teck Joseph Daryl Toy

New Zealand

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