What some parishes plan for Bible Sunday

By Joyce Gan

Church of Sts. Peter and Paul

The BAT intends to hold a mini-exhibition to showcase "old" Bibles. Parishioners have been invited to lend their classic copies of their old Bibles for display. The BAT (Bible Apostolate Team) hopes to bring a greater awareness and usage of Bibles at home. There will also be Bibles and books on sale, and blessings of Bibles.  

Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

There will be a display of posters on why there are different versions of the Bible. This will help to educate those who are curious and interested. A second round of registration for the Great Bible Adventure will be held. The parish had a turnout of about 90 people from the first round.

Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

The BAT will be handing out pamphlets to all parishioners on Family Bible Enthronement - How to Enthrone the Bible in the Family. This is a guide to encourage parishioners to make the Word of God the focus and centre of their family life.

Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace

The Parish Pastoral Council, Lector and Animator ministries have jointly organized events for Bible Sunday. The day begins with a Bible Enthronement Ceremony at 12.00pm held in the HoD Room 4.1, followed by an explanation on the Book of Esther. There will also be a screening of "One Night with the King", a recent production of the American Bible Society, of beautiful young Esther who becomes Queen of Persia and how she uses her position to stop a plot to kill all Jews in the Persian Kingdom. You are advised to read the Book of Esther for a better understanding of the movie.

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Church of St. Joseph (Bukit Timah)

The parish is launching the "Introduction of the Bible" for the first time, for three weeks starting from Jul 4 and the "Gospel of Luke" for 11 weeks up to November. Father Ambrose Vaz will lecture at all sessions. Church of St. Francis Xavier The parish's catechists, together with BAT and the Lectors, have organized a Children Bible Storytelling contest. The objective is to encourage children to read the Bible and Bible storybooks in preparation.

Telling the story orally will also encourage the children to commit some Bible stories to memory. The finals will be held at 12.00pm on Jul 8 in the Parish Hall. To contribute to the mood and atmosphere for the day, all are invited to dress up as characters from the Bible. All winners' names will be announced in the parish bulletin on Jul 15 to engage the rest of the parish. The BAT has been working towards Bible Sunday with pre-launches, four talks on the "Fundamentals of the Bible" by Archbishop of Kuching, Bishop John Ha held in June.

On Jul 1 and for four weekends, BAT will also launch and market a parish-wide Little Rock Scripture Study (Praying the Scripture), the climax of Bible Sunday, building up from the bishop's talks, Bible story telling contest, LRSS and ending with a commissioning of the BAT.

Church of the Holy Spirit

Activities for Bible Sunday will begin on Jul 1 with a Bible Quiz for all parishioners, with prizes to be awarded to winners on Jul 8. Those coming for Mass can reflect on Bible Sunday with the Art Ministry's work on the sanctuary that bears the theme of "lambs among wolves" and Bible verses presented on PowerPoint 15 minutes before each Mass. There will also be posters to introduce Bible Apostolate Activities and Scripture Study Programmes and a sales of Bibles, Bible commentaries and study guides, books, biblical maps, wall charts and audio-visual materials to aid in reading and understanding of the Bible.

On Jul 8, biblical colouring pictures will be given free to children to help them to enjoy and learn their Catholic faith. The Children Liturgy will set up a booth for children's activities centered around information, characters and verses from the Bible. Parishioners are invited to dress their children to depict Bible's characters.

In addition to giving spiritual food for the soul, the BAT will man the canteen on Bible Sunday to provide gourmet food for the physical body and all proceeds will go towards helping the church in Mongolia, an effort to also commemorate Father Fossion's 70th anniversary as a priest.

St. Anne's Church

Father Henry Siew has prepared bookmarks to be distributed to all parishioners during the Bible Sunday weekend Masses. The bookmark's design is based on the acronym G.R.A.P.E and teaches a simple way to pray with Scripture. The inspiration comes from Jesus' teaching on the vine and the branches, found in John 15.

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