By Wendy Louis

SINGAPORE - Holy Family, Risen Christ and St. Stephen parishes sent Small Christian Community (SCC) training teams for training at the May 19-20 Gospel sharing workshop organized by the Singapore Pastoral Institute. 

Many parishes, like Queen of Peace, sent those who were involved in the Ministry of the Word - catechists, lectors and Children's liturgy facilitators. In all, 93 participants from 16 parishes attended including five parishes that had only one participant each.

The content of this second workshop in a series of three was about using the Gospel in SCCs. The first workshop in April which drew about 60 participants, dealt with the vision of the church after the Second Vatican Council and the vision of SCCs and how to share the vision.

This second workshop presented a Gospel sharing method called "The Bible-Mirror- Method" which helps a group to become aware of a situation in their parish, estate or town which is reflected in the Scripture text. Instead of a personal application, this method helps us to make an application to the wider community with the intention of addressing the problem practically as a community. Participants learnt the skills needed to facilitate and participate in such a Gospel sharing session.

Most participants reflected in their feedback forms that they were very enriched by the eight-hour workshop.

The four essential features of SCCs is that they exist in unity with the parish and diocese; they are centred on Christ through the Word and prayer; they serve the community beyond Catholic, parish-centred activities; and that they are open to all who live in that area.

The baptized belong by virtue of their baptism and all others are welcome to the meetings. In order to grow strong SCCs, Gospel sharing skills are essential. The next workshop to be held concerns leadership in SCCs and developing ministries within the SCCs which provide a regular service to the community. The workshop will be held at the Singapore Pastoral Institute in Highland Road on Saturday Jul 7 and Sunday Jul 8. Details are available at

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