SINGAPORE - The Catholic Research Centre of Singapore (CRCS) flagged off its monthly forums with a talk by China expert Jesuit Father Artur Wadega at CANA - the Catholic Centre on Mar 16.

CRCS was launched in August last year to highlight relevant social issues the Catholic community faces - from marriage and family relations to youth issues, and spirituality and faith formation - and provide up-to-date information to help those in need.

CRCS also hopes to organize workshops, seminars and conferences, locally and internationally, to facilitate comparative studies by researchers and practitioners from different countries and backgrounds to foster integration of theory and practice.

Father Wadega is one of CRCS' guests to at the level of culture.

These forums are held to engage young (and not-so-young) Catholic professionals by providing a sampling of the church's intellectual heritage so that they can discover what it achieve this aim. Like his Jesuit predecessors who first went to China in the 16th century, Father Wadega advised participants that respect for China, Chinese thinking and culture is necessary for the gospel to be accepted by the Chinese people. The Macau Ricci Institute, which he is the director of, seeks to foster better mutual understanding between  China and the world community means to think with the church," said Jesuit Father Charles Sim, director of CRCS.

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