DUDLEY AU in "Desire to hit jackpot does not make a man love God less" (CN, Apr 1) said that hoping to be rich and hope for transition from one class to the next higher one is not wrong and I agree. There indeed is nothing wrong with that. In my previous letter, I was merely making a comment that there is more to life than pinning hope just on money and hoping to strike it rich in lottery; and that as Christians we could bring hope to the spiritually poor. I did not say it is wrong to want to get rich or desire for better life, etc.

I am indeed puzzled why Mr Au thinks that I ever said that it is wrong to want to get rich and improve on one's material wealth. I certainly also did not say or imply anywhere in my article that to pursue the hope of hitting the jackpot means a person has forsaken his or her God or love God any less.

Quek Hong Choon

Singapore 498839

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