QUEK HONG CHOON in "Give hope in addition to money this Lent" (CN, Mar 18) spoke of the poorer class being obsessed with the TOTO lottery. He said TOTO was their biggest hope in life to make a transition into the rich class a reality. He goes on to ask the rhetorical question of "Do they know and understand that true hope and fulfilment can only come from God?"

A true hope must not take away concomitant hopes like hoping to be rich or hoping our children will become scholars, earn a good salary and take care of parents in their retirement. I am uneasy with Mr Quek's sentiment. Thales once said, hope is the poor man's bread.

It must be understood that the human animal thrives on the class system, so long as that system is based primarily on money and achievement, not on pedigree.

The class system is one engine that drives the wheels of commerce. It gives people goals and it provides hope which fuels the motivation to accomplish.

Why would the hope for transition from one class to the next higher one be wrong? Would the attempt to obtain a doctorate after an initial degree be wrong?

The poor man should be allowed to pursue his path of hope (buying TOTO) without interference. To pursue this hope of hitting the jackpot does not necessarily mean a man has forsaken his God or loves his God any less.

Dudley Au

Singapore 248238

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