I believe that recently during the Christmas period, in fact just before Christmas started in 2006, a social missions group was started. I have read everything on the brochure yet, like many of my friends, I don't feel convinced. So much has been said by the Catholic Church to help the less fortunate, the needy, poor, elderly, mental  patients, patients with learning disabilities etc, but somehow I don't see it materialize. There are always talks and seminars organized by the Singapore Pastoral Institute or the Catholic church via Mount Alvernia Hospital etc, but actions must also follow through.

Many people are having a hard time even getting a job especially the mental patients, due to the stigma and the way society thinks. Instead of simply complaining, why do the organizers not find suitable jobs for their parishioners who may be just suffering from depression, but are otherwise capable? It is a tall order to find jobs for someone with schizophrenia, which takes more time and effort. These are just examples.

Get parishioners who have companies to advertise in CatholicNews about job openings and a suitable personnel to sift through prospective candidates. This way, we will help the needy much faster than the government.... OUR WAY!

As far as I'm concerned, the Silver Ribbon Project was a flop. The government funded it, but nothing was done. The mental patients who manage to find jobs have something to look forward to and will have no time for depression. Only if the church and its people support them can they grow. They are very talented people actually. We just need lots of patience! Priests can also help to preach about mental illness once in a while to help those who are misinformed about mental illnesses.

Lynette Enoch

Singapore 570026

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