CatholicNews asked some Catholics what resolutions they have made for 2007 and what they intend to do to tell the story of Jesus. Here are their responses:

17.jpg"I have resolved to have a tidy desktop system implemented as soon as possible, and I hope to have a more joyful and cheerful disposition in my heart throughout the day!"

- Andrew Kong, 49, Pro-Life Presenter/Trainer at Family Life Society



18.jpg"I hope to be able to make more time for people, to find a chance to talk deeply with them and not just attend meetings together. I¹ll like to tend to the formation needs of the more needy in society and to be more in contact with people outside the church so I can share faith with the other people in my life who are of different faiths."

- Wendy Louis, Director of the Singapore Pastoral Institute


19.jpg"I have resolved to strike a better balance between work, family and religion, and I will evangelize through the Alpha Course and Life in the Spirit Seminar."

- Derrick Chee, 46, Businessman, Church of St. Ignatius 


"I want to try and be a better Christian, to be more conscious of my actions and how I come across to people. To be more generous, understanding, tolerant, and more responsible and accountable for my actions; then I can show people what Jesus is all about."

- Shaun Pereira, 27, currently back on holidays from Architectural Studies in Perth, Australia, Church of the Holy Trinity

"To live life more simply and to start each day in thanksgiving to the Lord for giving me an opportunity to live and hopefully make a difference in someone's life."

- Jennifer Lim, Executive Director, Catholic Social and Community Council

"Some of our resolutions include to strengthen and deepen our prayer life and that of our family. We'll like to be an example of Jesus' life, to be able to sacrifice both in the workplace and at home. The other thing we'll like is to find time to engage in RCIA activities... Be thankful of what we have and to treasure what God has already given us. We hope to be able to see Jesus in everyone and be more generous of our love for other people."

- Peter and Cheryl D., 34 and 28 respectively, Church of the Holy Cross

"I want to put "Sharing" as my resolution for 2007. As we get older, we tend to keep more things to ourselves, such as money and other material goods. I'll like to be more generous in giving. I think I want to share more time with others too, and not just within church-based communities, and I hope to find more time and effort to do more outreach work."

- David Chong, 40, IT Consultant, Church of the Holy Spirit

"To evangelise through drama and theatre; to start talking about Christ to my family and friends; to continue to understand the Bible so I can answer questions concerning Christ."

- Justin Alexius Faith Ng, 16, Student, Church of Christ the King

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