SINGAPORE - About 30 Communion Ministers from five City District churches were asking themselves if they were truly worthy of the ministry after attending a retreat directed by Father William Goh at the St. Francis Xavier's Major Seminary from Dec 14-16. 

"What struck me most was that Christ humbled himself to allow us to hold him in our unworthy hands," said Kenneth Ho, from the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.

Father Goh took retreatants through various aspects of the Eucharist to help them appreciate the dignity of the office of Communion Minister.

He encouraged them to reflect on the Word and spend more time in the adoration room. "Above all, they must strive to grow in holiness, because fervour (for the role) comes with a life of holiness," Father Goh emphasized.

Clare Lee, one of the six new women Communion Ministers from Church of St. Bernadette, said, "We now have a clear perspective of our role and disposition, including promoting communion and unity within the family, community and the world at large."

Joseph Chew, who organized the retreat and who has been a Communion Minister for the past eight years, said, "It was indeed an eye-opener. More than a mere function, I realize that the office is a calling in life."

Church of St. Teresa's Christopher Lee was deeply inspired and felt that all Communion Ministers in the diocese should experience such a retreat.

(Written with information from Michael Chua.)

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