Thank you for the wonderful article on "Reverence due to the Most Holy Eucharist" in your recent issue of the Catholic News. It was an eye-opener and serve as a reminder how we should show reverence to Jesus in the Eucharist.

The article mentioned "The genuflection is made facing the Tabernacle (where Jesus is reposed), on entering and leaving the church, and must be neither hurried nor careless". As most churches have a crucifix at the centre of the church, I had always assumed we have to genuflect at the sight of the Cross until I read your article. I have a question, if you say the Tabernacle, is the sacred home to the "Most Holy Eucharist" which is "the real, true and substantial Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ", why is the Tabernacle not the main focus in some churches. I have observed that at some churches here, the Tabernacle is placed at an obscure corner, away from the centre of the church and the altar.... does this mean I have to make my way to that corner and genuflect, before walking to the seat at the pew and leaving the church. Could someone please enlighten me?

    Grace Low

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