I'm so glad that the article Decorum at Mass (Catholic News Nov. 12) has finally been published.

I've on many occasions approached the parish priests of a few Churches on this matter but every time they fell on deaf ears. Or the priest would reply and say that if they were strict on this, especially on the subjects of Reverence and Silence, it would drive away the young from attending Mass. I just wondered, "Is it better to have the youth come for Mass and allow them to chit-chat and even joke around whilst receiving Holy Communion?"

With regard to Silence, I've noticed that Churches are unusually noisy with people chit-chatting just before the Christmas midnight Mass and at Easter eve. An entire Church seems to have been converted into an indoor stadium just before a match or a rock band concert.

I clearly recall how in the "old days" the parish priest of St Joseph's Church (P.M.) would refuse giving the Holy Eucharist to any lady who had flash revealing clothes. Nowadays, it seems a common feature to see some ladies in bustiers, plunging necklines, bare backs and even dressed in micro-mini skirts. Surely the devil would like to take this opportunity to have our male worshippers distracted.

Kudos to the parish priest of Our Lady of Lourdes' Church who has pasted a notice onto the door of the Church entrance regarding dress code and parishioners abide by the notice to the very letter.

I wonder again, "Are we too high up there or what, as not to be able to follow our Christian sisters and brothers of Our Lady of Lourdes' Church?" Or do we rather wear the latest fashion trends and ignore "Reverence, a traditional hallmark of most Catholic parishes throughout the world," to quote your article.

    Robert Bacsafra


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