SOME 40,000 YOUNG adults from across Europe and other continents will gather in Brussels from Dec 29 to Jan 2 at the call of the Taizé Community. The Brussels meeting will be the 31st meeting of European youth led by Taizé.

This new stage will follow a recent African meeting that brought together 7,000 young people from 15 African countries in Nairobi, Kenya, from Nov 26-30.

At the Brussels meeting, Brother Alois, the successor of Brother Roger, will release a "Letter from Kenya" that will serve as a basis for reflection during the European meeting.

Each European country will be represented by hundreds or thousands of participants. Among those registered to date include: 510 from Portugal, 600 from Spain, 2,000 French, 1,500 Italians, 2,000 Germans, 900 Lithuanians, 650 Slovenes, 9,200 Polish and 300 Russians.

The meeting in Brussels will be a new stage of the pilgrimage of trust launched 30 years ago by
Brother Roger, founder of the Taizé Community. The same desire to build trust is reflected in the
agenda of the meeting in Brussels and in the "Letter from Kenya". "Everyone can take part in a
civilisation marked not by mistrust but by trust. At times, in the course of history, just a few people were enough to tip the balance towards peace. Let us dare to be creative even with what is not perfect. And
we will find freedom," writes Brother Alois in his letter, to be translated into 30 languages and given to the young people on their arrival in Brussels.

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