I AM A TEACHER and I believe we need to let children explore. Church leaders who abide by the saying, "Children should be seen and not heard" may be trying their best, but not understanding what education is all about, they try to force the children into moulds.

It is also important that parents teach their children slowly what it means to respect others.

    Walter Wu

    Singapore 530006


ALTHOUGH I AGREE that children should be brought to church, I also feel that parents should be able to discipline their children so that they do not babble endlessly during the service, or cry or ask for milk or lollies. I have often seen parents give their tiny tots sweets and lollipops when they cry during Mass, and the children haphazardly just throw the sweet wrappers onto the pews or the floor. Children should be trained to behave themselves and observe silence and reverence in a church.

    Basil Pereira


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