IT IS MOST ANNOYING to see people reserving places in the pews for their friends 25 minutes before a service begins. It is not uncommon for their friends to turn up late or fail to turn up for the service.

This selfish act deprives many people, especially the elderly, of a place in the pews. It is understandable if the family members reserve a place for the driver who is parking the car or someone who needs to answer to nature's call. But to reserve two or three spaces by placing objects on the pews for people who take their sweet time to attend the service is undoubtedly selfish and unfair to those who turn up early.

It would be good if priests announce that the reservation of places (for people who are not yet in church for the service) is not allowed. They should continue to make this announcement until the message sinks into those who are guilty of this practice. It is sad to note that the unholy practice of reserving seats at food courts has now been imported into God's house.

    Nelson Quah

    Singapore 650524

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